Medication Management

The main reason individuals take psychotropic medication is to improve quality of life and to ease distressing emotional or cognitive symptoms. However, if medications are not taken properly, quality of life does not improve, and in some cases, it can decline.

Aside from knowing how psychotropic medications can help, as well as which medications should be taken and in what dosage, there are several factors our providers can help a patient understand about his or her prescribed meds, including reactions to other medications, potential side effects, and other problems that can affect recovery. Your Remedy providers will thoroughly address these issues, which they can do with a medication management plan.

Patients need to understand their psychotropic medicines’ purpose, safety, and effectiveness, as well as potential risks from abruptly stopping or overusing medications, mixing medications with certain foods or supplements, or combining medications with alcohol or other street drugs. Understanding why medications need to be taken at certain times and in certain ways will also be addressed by your Remedy provider. 


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