Aging Issues

The mental health field now recognizes that, even without major obstacles, there are unique challenges for each individual as s/he ages.  In the field of geriatric psychiatry and psychology, practitioners realize that the changes and challenges of aging can sometimes lead to depression or anxiety. As with any life transition—even including positive and eagerly anticipated changes such as retirement from work, moving to a new location, spending more time with family, etc—a person may experience difficulty in adjustment. 

Sometimes the aging issues include problems such as: cognitive functioning; grief over the loss of more and more loved ones; stress over financial issues when on a fixed income; increased responsibilities in caring for a spouse, grandchildren, or other family members; loss of community involvement and support; isolation from loved ones; vulnerability to scammers; ageism and discrimination from others; giving up former enjoyable activities; moving against one’s wishes to a new location due to need for more care; and adapting to medical/physical problems and limitations.  

At Remedy, our practitioners treat each person with respect and dignity and can help a person navigate the biopsychosocial stressors that can accompany aging, in order to help a person cope with changes, find new meaning and purpose, and continue to thrive and enjoy life. 


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